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We offer a wide range of 3D printing services, including cosplay props, figurines, prototypes, personal items, and decorative pieces.

Our company is based in Kenton, Ohio, USA, serving customers in the Ohio area with quality 3D printing services.

Simply send us your file, and our knowledgeable team will work their magic to turn it into your desired prototype, figure, or personal item.

Yes, we provide painting services to give your 3D prints a professional finish, whether it’s for cosplay, figurines, or other items.

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How to Order

Discover a wide range of 3D printing services including cosplay props, figurines, prototypes, and personalized items.

Upload your file and let our expert team transform it into a high-quality 3D printed product.

Select from a variety of finishes to make your product paintable, glossy, matte, or customized to your preferences.

Get a detailed look at your prototype, make any necessary adjustments, and approve the design before production.